5 high risk diseases to look out for when travelling

So you’ve planned your vacation for months, looked up and listed down activities you want to do, landmarks you want to see, and food you want to eat. But a couple of days after arriving to your planned paradise, your body decides to take a turn. What’s worse than getting sick? Getting sick in a country where your contacts are limited and the healthcare system may operate differently. As fulfilling as travelling the world sounds, there are important things you have to consider outside your flight tickets and hotel bookings. You need to make sure that a couple of weeks vacation doesn’t end up compromising your health. The World Health Organization lists down vaccinations you should get prior to visiting certain countries. Here are some of the ones that they have emphasized that travellers should be on the lookout for.


  1. Hepatitis A

One of the most notorious viruses travellers get as they can be transferred from the food and water that has been infected with the virus. While sanitation is strictly observed in restaurants around the world, there are times when you may feel extra adventurous and eat from stalls and street vendors. While they are indeed tasty and cheap, due to the lack of sanitation monitoring, the chances of you getting the virus significantly increases. Hep-A is prevalent not just in developing countries however, so you should be wary of this regardless of where you’re going.


  1. Cholera

Similar with Hep-A, cholera is also widely transmitted from food and water intake. Commonly mistaken for simple diarrhea, cholera can be treated through oral re-hydration treatment. Unlike the former, if left untreated, acute cholera has the capacity to be fatal. Note however that the virus has only ever been found within Asia, especially in the south region ie. India and Bangladesh.


  1. Malaria

A well publicised disease. Many people only notice a mosquito bite once it starts itching, so the chances of a malaria-infested mosquito attacking you is a real one. Tropical countries are a haven for these mosquitoes and as of 2016, 91 countries, mostly sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, were recorded to have infestations.


  1. Typhoid

Showing similar signs with your common viral infection, typhoid can become undetected until the infected displays severe symptoms that would require further tests. It is not also contained within a single region and is known to have cases around the world.


  1. Japanese Encephalitis

Another mosquito spread virus, this one has become a prominent worry of South East Asian countries in the recent years. However, unlike the infamous dengue, Japanese Encephalitis has a known vaccination which is highly suggested if you’re planning on going to Asia during its rainy season.


Developing countries have some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world, but they’re also prone to viruses that you might unfortunately encounter. So it’s worth considering prevention where possible to reduce the chances of them ruining your vacation. To keep you protected from the moment you step out of your home until you return home you should ensure your vaccinations are up to date before you embark on your well deserved holiday. Visit Castle Medical Centre for travel consultations and vaccinations to minimise your chances of getting sick while overseas.


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