05 May 2018

5 high risk diseases to look out for when travelling

So you've planned your vacation for months, looked up and listed down activities you want to do, landmarks you want to see, and food you want to eat. But a couple of days after arriving to your planned paradise, your body decides to take a turn. What's worse than getting sick? Getting sick in a country where your contacts are limited and the healthcare system may operate differently. As fulfilling as travelling the world sounds, there are important things you have to consider outside your flight tickets and hotel bookings. You need to make sure that a couple of weeks...

05 April 2018

Why Sticking with a Reputable Medical Centre is Important

  Every day we are exposed to many variables that may directly impact the main systems in our body. Serious illnesses can happen due to neglect and ignorance when it comes to identifying symptoms and it’s important to take safeguards so that mis-information is minimal.   It’s common practice to self-diagnose and self-medicate however when it’s ineffective, most people see themselves book in to see “the nearest GP”. What happened to “the family GP”? With the common trend of just dropping into the nearest medical centre for attention there is a significant implication on potential diagnosis.   Exposure to harmful...

03 April 2018

Important information on the flu shot this year

  Confused about the changes to the Flu shot this year? Dr Paddy Mosse provides some very important need to know information below.   “Winter is coming and it’s time to discuss the annual flu vaccination program.   This year there are several flu vaccines available from GPs and Pharmacies and it can be confusing as to which vaccine is for which patients. Here is a quick rundown of the vaccinations that are available. For more information and details regarding more complex patients, please consult the NSW Website here.   If you are over 65 then the Government are supplying...

12 February 2018

New Bulk Billing Doctors and Extended Opening Hours!

  We welcome new Doctors to the team of Castle Medical Centre who will continue to provide regular bulk billed GP services. We have famale and Male Doctors available for appointments and walk-ins.     Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm for appointments Open after 6pm for walk ins on demand   Book  your bulk billed Doctors appointment below       Welcome Dr Kanav Malhotra     Dr Kanav Malhotra studied at the University of New South Wales and completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Doctorate of Medicine in 2014.   He has spent his junior years training in various departments...

10 February 2018

Importance of Regular Aged Care GP Assessments

  Your health should always be one of your top priorities. You can enjoy a longer and happier life if you establish good health habits in your younger years.   Reaching the point where your health is considered ‘aged care’ requires taking your health care one step further. It’s at this age where many people become more prone to illnesses and the lifestyle diseases which includes atherosclerosis, different heart diseases, stroke, obesity, diabetes and any diseases associated with smoking and alcohol use. Whilst evidence of these things may have lay dormant for some years, they might start impacting on your...

29 January 2018

Travel Vaccination and Injections: Are They Really Important?

  If you are planning a trip abroad, one thing that you shouldn’t miss is getting the travel vaccinations to ensure a fun and enjoyable holiday, especially if you’re travelling with kids. After all, it’s not every day that you get to visit different countries and take a break from the busy life that you have back home.   Though it’s uncommon to get sick while you’re in a foreign land, it is still important to get yourself protected against infectious diseases that you may be at risk of getting when traveling abroad.   There are many countries that require...

12 January 2018

Dr Tjondro now at Castle Medical Centre

  We wish to welcome our new Doctor to Castle Medical Centre, Dr Johanes Tjondro. Dr Tjondro will be temporarily taking over from Dr Mohamed El-Masry, who unexpectedly ceased his practice at Castle Medical Centre at the end of last year for health reasons.   Dr Tjondro has been providing high level medical care for over 30 years. He has extensive experience as a GP, as well as providing Emergency medicine at various hospitals, across many departments including ICU, Anaesthetics, Paediatrics and general medicine and surgery.   Dr Tjondro is available for appointments and walk ins and will continue to...

18 December 2017


  Unfortunately for health reasons, Dr Mohamed El Masry has ceased his practice at CMC with immediate effect and will not be returning to Castle Medical Centre in the New Year. We wish to thank him for the excellent patient care he has provided during his time at Castle Medical Centre and for setting such a high standard of service.  We aim to continue to offer this level of service to our patients moving forward.     Christmas and New Year’s Opening Hours:   Castle Medical Centre will be CLOSED for GP services from today and for the duration of...

15 November 2017
dietitian nutritions

What is a Dietitian and why do we need them?

  What is a Dietitian? Dietitians are expert in human nutrition. They are licensed to diagnose and treat nutritional disorders. There are registered dietitians (RD) who have fulfilled the academic and professional requirements of dietetics and have undergone internship at a healthcare centre, just as training to be a medical doctor. In Australia, Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) gain their qualifications by taking university courses which are accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). At Castle Medical Centre, brilliant dietitians work in collaboration with other members of a medical team to diagnose and treat nutritional disorders in patients suffering from...

13 October 2017
immunisation for children castle medical

Immunisation for Children

  Immunisations are health initiatives which involve developing the body’s immunity to prevent certain diseases.  Immunisation for children are considered a vital part of well-baby healthcare visits in Australia as it serves to prevent serious, sometimes, fatal illnesses such as meningitis, polio, tetanus, measles, influenza, and diphtheria which resulted in a high rate of child death in the past.       How do Immunisations work?   Immunisations are simply vaccines made from the inactivated or killed version of the virus or bacteria causing a specific disease to be prevented. In providing immunisation for children, these vaccines are introduced into...