Why Sticking with a Reputable Medical Centre is Important


Every day we are exposed to many variables that may directly impact the main systems in our body. Serious illnesses can happen due to neglect and ignorance when it comes to identifying symptoms and it’s important to take safeguards so that mis-information is minimal.


It’s common practice to self-diagnose and self-medicate however when it’s ineffective, most people see themselves book in to see “the nearest GP”. What happened to “the family GP”? With the common trend of just dropping into the nearest medical centre for attention there is a significant implication on potential diagnosis.


Exposure to harmful substances as a child for example, may not manifest into something more serious until triggered by a different illness as we grow older. An often quick consultation at an unfamiliar medical centre may not have the understanding and background to recognise this right away. If ongoing health is important, we must be consistent with the type of medical care that we choose. Sticking with a reputable medical centre helps secure a complete and accurate medical history to monitor our health and to apprehend any problems before they become more serious.


Wouldn’t it be nice to stop answering the same questions about our medical history repeatedly every time we visit a new physician? What about the past and current diseases that run in the family? A lot of time and effort can be spared if all our health records are filed under one medical centre. The likelihood of remembering everything declines as we grow older so when asked about our health record, there is a chance that could fail to disclose details that are important for diagnosis. If we stick with one doctor or centre, we won’t feel as if we’re always starting from scratch. The doctor can make an informed and professional decision of the best medical care that we deserve after consideration of our health overall.


Establishing trust between a patient and his or her doctor takes time. For some people, visiting a doctor for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. The thought of a stranger no matter how qualified they are, probing around our personal life can be uncomfortable and intrusive. The painful truth is, sometimes, patients lie about their medical history to shield them from humiliation. This can be avoided if we stick with one medical centre from the beginning or transfer now to one we are comfortable to stick with. A GP can get to know you over time and get a sense of who you are. They become aware of our family situation, our work performance, and our efforts to live a well-balanced life.


Continuing with one medical centre gives us holistic care and optimal health. From the doctor’s perspective, a visit is not only for the sole purpose of curing the present illness but also an opportunity to look at the full picture taking into consideration a variety of factors such as our current medications, any recent lifestyle change, a new pressure at home or work, etc. There is a difference between being the doctor who cured our illness today and the doctor who will take responsibility for all our health needs. If we have a regular visit with our doctor, we can be assured that all our health care needs are up to date.


Remaining with a reputable medical centre is essential for good and lasting health. We may go to different doctors to get a second opinion but they won’t have the same knowledge and experience dealing with us. Remember, our body does not reboot every time we are cured of one disease. We grow older, experience new things and sometimes spiral back. Therefore, it’s wise to find a permanent GP or medical centre who will not merely patch over a problem but treat us as a person and offer advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Castle Medical Centre offers a range of family medical services and are accepting new patients. They have a team of male and female GPs available for appointments and walk-ins.


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